We’re a small company specializing in custom carpentry. We’ve kept our company small for a reason: We enjoy the personal aspect of the job. We like working directly with the clients. We embrace the challenge of putting a project together, getting it done right and seeing it through to completion.

Construction is a dynamic process. Things change almost on a daily basis, even with the small projects. Our job is to help the client through the challenges of the process and see to it that they’re satisfied in the end. We enjoy educating our clients about the wide variety of materials and techniques available, where they should spend the extra money and where they may be able to save some money. In the end it comes down to having a good working relationship between client and contractor. That’s how a job gets done right and that’s what gives us the satisfaction and the motivation to keep doing what we do.

While we focus mainly on the Carpentry aspect of this business, we do network with a wide variety of other trades. So please keep us in mind for your next project.